WTS Gallente Female Pilot - 33 M SP/969 Thousand Unallocated

Looking to sell myself.

Focused alt was planned to be logi-ewar-cloaky pilot.

Currently located in highsec, she has the ability to have 4 clones, 3 clones currently located in highsec also. One unused clone slot.

Positive standings.

Positive wallet.

No killrights.

Low corp history.

Pretty face, decent name.

Character in npc corp now.

Isk is to be paid to character.

Selling because I never really got around to using this character.

I will pay transfer with cash.

This is my first character sale, so please bear with me, I may make mistakes and leave required information out. I will correct errors that are pointed out to me.

I will post link to EVESkillboard shortly.


22b for Dusty Viridian

I’ll leave this up till the end of the week, and see where it goes.

@Jinx_LooseCannon, thanks for the bid, but I am hoping for more.

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