WTS Golem/Phoenix pilot 45mil sp

Feel free to check skills: Quantum Anomaly
Moved to npc corp
location: rakapas
implants: nirvana mid with omega, crystal mid without omega
kill rights none
wallet +
auction opens with 40b

30 bill offer

31 bill offer


33 :: bill offer

38b, returning from 8 year hiatus, dont have a toon

Ok, deal

39bill offer

Do you accept the quotation for 38B, but are not satisfied with the quotation for 39B? I have been waiting online for so long and have lost patience, so I have withdrawn my quotation

please confirm, isk ready in 8 hours


isk sent, mail sent with acc

Got isk. Where did you send the letter with the transfer information?

should be the same toon that got the isk.

The transfer will take some time. Good luck and fly safe!

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