WTS 43M Phoenix Navy Type pilot

All relevant skills have reached their level
one set High-grade Implants
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Positive Rep
NPC Corp

35b starting bid

33b offer

I bid 35b

36 bil

37b offer

40b buyout, ready to send isk

41b offer

45b offer

Ok i will online after dt

45.5b offer

Cool, isk and account name sent. Sent 45.5b since this late offer came in

It did not seem like he accepted your bid.

I offer 47b, you did not accept his bid in my opinion so just send back the isk and accept my bid. CCP will allow.

Edit: If the high grade set is either nirvana or hydra i increase my bid to 47.5b.

lol, 50b then. XuenY please confirm and I will send remainder of isk

47.5b is my limit for this character, so if the 50b offer falls through i have the isk ready and online today.

Remaining 4.5b transferred

Received the 50B ISK transferred by Chalchihuitlue, now transfer to your account