WTS Good subcap+cap pilot, 143mil SP. Hero from 2008!

Hello all, i selling my self alt.

Good sub capital hero. Good capital Dread \ Carrier \ Flux pilot.
On the character there are skins of many ships. Skins from events and not only.
I am not looking sell charter for Skill Injectors. I hope this alt make be main for someone. I can sell the injectors myself.
So i don’t looking low price sell.

Charter stay in Jita 4-4.
Two clones with imps (you can see this in eveboard)
Pass: 0000
Positive wallet.
Good KDR: https://zkillboard.com/character/1407505754/

Buy out: 140bil
Reserve: 131bil by Moy Po
Start bid: 120bil

Fly safe, Good bidding!

Ofc i pay transfer fee.
Plex transfer still work?:slight_smile: or only cash?:slight_smile: Any one know?:slight_smile:

you can plex transfer, put 1000 plex in your vault, and make a GM ticket under Character Transfer. Takes 12-72 hours depending on ticket load usually

Thx, good news :slight_smile:


I reserv 131b for now, on few days. But if you ready bid 135b, we can make deal, but only today.

lmao, BS shell bidding… trying to pump price up using his own alts

LoL whut?:slight_smile: first time see man who make last\first bid. If you not have a profs pls stfu and go out here :slight_smile:
But thx for free bump.

ain’t no way this pilot is worth 131 bil when it’s only appraised at 117 bil. you must be super dumb to buy it at that price… good luck either way

God and where such people come from. :smiley:
Ok move to Jita, create new charter, buy Injector for 140mil SP make. Come back here and call us price for this :smiley:
You price chek bull ■■■■, because You count only ISK for sell this charter on injector.
But if you can read and you have eyes and you are not a fool. You can back to read my first post. And you find all information about selling. But I think you’re not very smart, so I’ll say it again for you “I am not looking sell charter for Skill Injectors. I hope this alt make be main for someone. I can sell the injectors myself.”

133b and start transfer today!!!

Ok, 2bil to much isk for me :wink:
I accept your bid 133bil. Awating isk transer to me, and i start transfer charter.

I received ISK, I write a petition about transferring the character.

fake bid… all fake. watch, he will re-list soon. just keep an eye on this character “Zydec0” to be re-list anytime now… hahahahha, i will post here once it’s re-listed

GM KAORA Today at 10:37
Hello, I am GM Kaora.

Thanks for taking the time to contact the Player Experience Team.

The transfer has been completed as specified and 1000 PLEX have been removed from the Vault as payment. Please let me know if everything is in order.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
GM Kaora
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

Thx for buy, deal make good and fast. Thx CCP GM for fast work.

For fool haters pls start use brain befor you try to price check for someone :slight_smile: your thinks = nothing for any seller :slight_smile:

Fake news. You wouldn’t be able to post under that character if it was already transfered. Nice try…:joy: Lookout for relist by Zydec0

actually you can post as a character after its been sold. I made a ticket about this specific issue. For a while until I manually logged out, I was logged into the forums as a character that I sold, well past 20 days of it no longer being on my account. As long as the cookie lives you can stay logged in. Now if you log out, you won’t have the option to re-login under that character, but from what I can tell its not checking if the character is still on your account once logged in, at that point its just the life of your cookie.

I assume I could have gone as long as the cookie would have let me.

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