WTS Gravid X-Type Gist XL Shield Booster (Abyssal)

-17 GJ activation (about 40% max boost) 186.97 GJ Total
-0.28s duration (about 95% max boost) 3.72s Total
+7.5 CPU (about a 10% of max penalty) 177.47 CPU Total
+25.8 PG (about 15% of max penalty) 525.8 PG Total
+89.23 shield boost bonus (about 80-85% max boost) 828.2 Shield Bonus Total

Starting bid 3B. b/o 5B

Hit me with them.

I also have a 34.34km and 33.7km points I can sell (gravid dark bloods) for like 1.5B and 1B respectively

Mail/reply for offers

Max boost for Gravid or?

It’s a nearly max boost gravid. Probably have to roll one like 5-6 times to get similar results. About 750m per roll atm.

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