WTS X-Large Abyssal shield booster - Massive 1104 hp shield boost - highest XL shield bonus available

(Mrs Jitaalt) #1

Really good roll with a MASSIVE shield boost bonus.


Will give varied failures away along with this for the right price.

(Mrs Jitaalt) #2

Will also throw in this more than decent webabyssal%20web%20roll

(Lucas hurley) #3

How much for sheild booster b/o

(Mrs Jitaalt) #4

Make a reasonable offer and it’s yours

(Lucas hurley) #5

2bil. Will go to 4

(Mrs Jitaalt) #6

Will accept 4 b/o.

This is currently the highest XL shield boost amount available in eve according to contracts.

For 4.5 I will throw in the web and the other attempts that have varying degrees of success (mostly bad, a few ok)

(Schindlers' Fist) #7

3b bid with the web

(Lucas hurley) #8

Send contract

(Mrs Jitaalt) #9

Contract up

will send failures across separate if you want them.

(Mrs Jitaalt) #10

Hey, can you confirm if you still want these?

(Lucas hurley) #11

Yea i do just wait i will accept in i got time

(Lucas hurley) #12

I work i got time on thruday to accept it just not right now

(Mrs Jitaalt) #13

Very well friend I’ll keep the contract up.

(Mrs Jitaalt) #14

Contract was rejected so this is back up

(Mrs Jitaalt) #15

Still available

(Mrs Jitaalt) #16

I have put this on auction along with several other good rolls, there’s 2 days left and the bid currently stands at 350mil.

(Mrs Jitaalt) #17

highest bid is still 350mil which is a STEAL for what you’re getting. Take a look on contracts and make a bid.

(Mrs Jitaalt) #18

Auction ends at 00:00 eve time tonight, still sitting at 350mil along with several other mods in the green this is a really good deal, don’t miss out

(Mrs Jitaalt) #19

Auction ends soon, currently sitting at 750mil, a great deal considering the level of mods included.

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