[WTS] Abyssal XL shield booster- Best in game - UPDATED with new --- SOLD<-----


Amazing HP and super fitting

Used Gist X XL with unstable



There is no better one in the entire game for sale right now.

I am asking for 5 Billion isk for it,

Its a very rare and hard to get roll. and it cost ~850 m per roll from the base mod and unstable.

Why would anyone get a ten billion isk cap favored booster, should have rolled a pith xtype… Also at 4.2 seconds that’s -5% which turns that 877 into 833 effectively.

I mean really cap efficient I guess.

Well y’know now that I think of it I guess it would make a good hard pve booster. Had my head in pvp when I said the first part.

10b you are definitely crazy ,like the other guy said cap saving ones are for pve… offering 1,3b

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lol at all the lowballers and there bull, ty for the free bumps

updated with a new mod,

and still for sale

hey look, a wild BUMP appears

still for sale, and still the best for sale

Lol you’re welcome here’s another free bump. I’m just monitoring this cause I wonder if anyone would actually pay more than a billion or two for this. Also did you update your stats cause your numbers on the screenshots changed…

yes, was 2 xl boosters, i sold first 1 for 7b after a quick negotiation.

this one up now is the 2nd one, only took like 25x ROLLS :slight_smile:
it was told to someone that was about to get a tiamat given to them from AT and wanted the very best.

L m f a o

still for sale :smiley: :smiley:

tiamats are armor ships though?

thats news to me ;p dude wanted it for tiamat he said either way he bought last 1 for 7b, can give screenshot if wanted?

i dont care just sayin, i doubt he has one as its not even out yet.

correct on him not having 1 YET but hes been allotted to get one from AT win and he has it pre set up in the fitting simulation

also he told me hes hoping they give it more love before release lol,

I await the killmail.

still for sale price reduced to 5 billion and put onto contracts

still there

price has been reduced to 4 Billion isk and re put onto contracts