WTS great Abyssal Mods. Near perfect unstable scram range 9 meters off!

Selling Abyssal Mods please make an offer! All Mods live in Jita 4-4

Abyssal Scram 9 meters off perfect!!

Abyssal Heavy Neut + 10.85km range

Abyssal X-large shieldbooster SOLD

Abyssal web

Abyssal 50mn

Abyssal Heavy NOS

Feel free to make offers

Still for sale, welcome to mail in game!

Still for sale

Er not sure what to offer, but I like this one

1.1b If you like :smiley:

Raise me a contract and ill have a look in the next couple of days please.

Contract sent

Abyssal mods still for sale

Still for sale

Modules still on sale

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