WTS Great PVP sub pilot 47.5M SPs

(Greedy Greedy) #21


(f0rzapwn) #22

still on sale

(Vulgus Carovigra) #23

37 bil

(Greedy Greedy) #24

I’ve already given the price, because of the time zone problem, please give me a one-time reply.

(Greedy Greedy) #25

40B I’m ready. You give me your account number.

(f0rzapwn) #26

offer accepted can send isk and give me your account name i’ll back home in 7hours from now i’ll start transfer

(Greedy Greedy) #27

40BBisk has been transferred to your account

Please transfer roles to accounts: yin994414998

(Greedy Greedy) #28

A pleasant cooperation

(Greedy Greedy) #29

It seems that GM doesn’t support plex trading account very much, so I’ll change Pilmit to isk and transfer it to your account.