WTS Great PVP sub pilot 47.5M SPs


Skill Points 47,500,900

Current location : Amarr

No Kill Rights
Positive wallet
Remap available : 1

Starting bid 39b

B/O 42b

32b B/O

thks for offer but looking for a better offer !


38 bil here

bump !

39b b/o valid 6 hours

Thks for bid still looking for better offer

Bump !

daily up

Still for sale

Bump !

Bump !

Still for sale


thks for offer I’ll wait 24h more and Will be your if no better offer

ok can send isk and give me account for transfer

sorry guy ,i dont have enough isk now. have to withdraw the bid. or2

Ok still for sale waiting for new offers

Is this account still on sale?