WTS Gvex

1.5trill. Ono. Please post in this thread.

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Preparing my popcorn.

what means Gvex?

Guardian Vexor i presume

I hope you have unlimited popcorn.

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I wish you luck sir

Should I buy 2 Gvex (Which were almost given out again) or a State Raven and still have 500 bil left?

I forgot to say it has one killmark. Check my zkill for confimation

Sell it to me. I dont feel exited enough yet

Buy gvex and be the coolest man

750b, serious offer

Still available. Get the best ship

She is waiting

got a spare whiptail Lynx? Just asking

Nope sorry. Maybe Mr. Rekel?

got a spare fiend lynx? just asking for a friend :stuck_out_tongue:

No sorry. But gvex is hotter

Definitely looks :fire:

500$ offer

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Get yourself a piece of eve history

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