WTS Hel fully fitted in wermt ratting space

Fully fit Hel for sale.
4x Sentient DDA
Faction Dc

2x Pith A Invulns
Rainbow Pith A actives.
2x Fed Tracking PCs.
2x T2 Extenders

Concord cloak.
Triple T2 Drone Supports.
IMP Navy Neut

Triple T2 extender rigs

Refits include about 1bill worth of gear. Bunch of faction rechargers and relays and some more faction hardeners
Drone bay has some random T1 ametites and dragons with spares for ratting.

Super is located in WERMT ratting space in th Vale.

Third party is required as no keepstar.

Price is 20b firm and ready to be sold now. It’s fit rated value is 24.7bill. I average about 80m ticks with this beast.

Evemail me in game if your interested or need more info.


Already sold for 20b sorry

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