WTS Hel / Rattlesnake Pilot ~42m SP

I am for sale.
Transfer fee is gonna be with plex so you will need to be patient for the petition.
Good Hel / Good Rattle pilot
skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/password/Prometheas_the_3rd pw: 4sale

Location: Jita 4-4
No kill rights, positive wallet
Some implants
2 bonus remaps
501k unallocated SP

Key skills:
Fighters 5
Light Fighters 5
Fighter Hangar Management 5
Heavy Fighters 4 (46% done towards 5)
Support Fighters 4
Minmatar Carrier 4
Capital ships 4
Cybernetics 5
Total drone skills 16m SP

Sentry drones 5
Cruise missiles 5
autotargeting missiles 5
Total missile skills 4,5m SP

Skills i havent finished and can be extracted or continued
Gallente Battleship 5 (65% done)
Heavy fighters 5 (46% done)

Starting Bid 30b
Buyout 40b

32 bil

I bid 33B

looking for a bit more, ty for the bids

34 bill good for 6 hours

40BB ISK and a minimum 2BB of PLEX (market price) toward the transfer surcharge with CCP.

i am a simple man and not in the market, does that mean 40b for the char and 2b for the transfer? Cause the BB after 40and2 confused me. If so, accepted.

edit: i see its your first post in forums in general, so you are prob trolling?



35 BO , lasts for 6 hours.

Offer retracted


in game offer received by Elyssa Spacebread and accepted

confirming that in game offer was made.
Sending ISK and account info

isk and info received petition made

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