WTS - Highly Focused Tengu

All CCP Rules Followed.
Positive Wallet
Two Remaps
No Kill Rights
Positive Sec Status.

This character as it sits now is capable of running a Ham Tengu with 864.8 dps (1017.4dps hot) 655hp/3s (740hp/2.3s hot) rep at a range of 42km!

Comes with a full set of High Grade Crystal Implants and a Full Set of Grade 5 missile/navigation implants.


Buy out 18 billion.

7 bil


18b is the buy out.

9 Bill


10 bil

18 billion is the buy out.

10.5 kkk

Players let me make this clear. This is not a bidding toon, it is for sale for 18 billion isk, that’s not negotiable.

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