WTS - HighSec/LowSec Compressed Ore

Veldspar Miner
Hello everyone,

I’m selling a steady amount of Highsec Ore every week.
I will bump this post every week once I have a good amount of Ore ready.

The ore will be transported towards the nearest HighSec Island located from me. (I will let you know where that will be via PM’s)

Please send me a offer via Discord PM’s or EvE Mail and when you are able to pick it up.

This is what I have today:

Compressed Hedbergite 1521
Compressed Jaspet 51760
Compressed Pristine Jaspet 24161
Compressed Pure Jaspet 62305
Compressed Fiery Kernite 24106
Compressed Kernite 93404
Compressed Luminous Kernite 147791
Compressed Pyroxeres 1734791
Compressed Solid Pyroxeres 3314936
Compressed Viscous Pyroxeres 436319
Compressed Condensed Scordite 10562354
Compressed Massive Scordite 1729734
Compressed Scordite 3993470
Compressed Brimful Sylvite 5718
Compressed Sylvite 2304
Compressed Lavish Otavite 5802
Compressed Otavite 647
Compressed Concentrated Veldspar 29475776
Compressed Dense Veldspar 4417124
Compressed Veldspar 10589995
Azure Mykoserocin 2811

Ps: If you require a larger order, shoot me a PM aswell and let me know how much you need.

You would be better off not compressing that one. You’d get more isk for regular kernite than compressed

Kernite is used in storyline missions, so you wont see many folks asking for compressed

Hello Geo, I’m aware of that, but thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

It’s just a leftover from a contract I have.

The other Kernite is currently getting stocked before I’m going to list it for sale.

Everything is sold for now, stay tuned for a new wave on next friday :slightly_smiling_face:

Another friday!

This is what we currently have in stock!

Compressed Crokite 24682
Compressed Crystalline Crokite 5015
Compressed Pellucid Crokite 762
Compressed Dark Ochre 8669
Compressed Prismatic Gneiss 4800
Compressed Pyroxeres 320439
Compressed Solid Pyroxeres 899120
Compressed Viscous Pyroxeres 178767
Compressed Condensed Scordite 6931803
Compressed Massive Scordite 484660
Compressed Scordite 619880
Compressed Concentrated Veldspar 7350315
Compressed Dense Veldspar 1464207
Compressed Veldspar 3382682
Compressed Ytirium 181991

News: We are offering some Compressed Clear Icicle now, so if you require some of these aswell, let me know!

List updated!