WTS - HULK PILOT - 7.7m Sp - Basic PI

WTS Miner with Exumers V with basic planet skills.

Basic inplants 3+

No killl rights
Positive security status
Positive wallet
Is in NPC corp

Bidding will start at 3B
B/O 6B

Character skills found here below

I will pay character transfer.

5B here also want to buy both now

I will take that as a bid on both, Trgovac, if thats okay, because I’m looking for something a bit higher than that, especially to cover the transfer fee.

I understand you but now i am ready to start transfer and only now is that offer… So if u want we can sort that now…

No, its okey ill wait for a higher bid thankyou for your interest.

what is ok price for you for both?

Nope ty…

5.5 bil isk ready

Not selling for 5.5b. I have lowered buyout.

5.6b here

6b ,B/O

Buyout accepted - Send isk & also mail me the account name and ill get the transfer done asap thx

I have paid the funds, please start the transfer.

Transfer Character complete