WTS Hyper fit Ragnarok (Black Rise)

Wts Hyper Ragnarok in black rise

  • Has Hyper fit to it currently
  • 5b worth of shield refit in fleet hanger


Can you send me location/exact fit via evemail?

mail sent with fitting, it’s tucked away in an empty system in black rise.

for all other perspective buyers

Good luck selling in-space Rag in Black Rise on public sale.

Is the ship in a station / citadel currently?

parked in dead end pos

If you get it in a place where it can be contracted, I’d be interested, otherwise I’m not sure what your expectations if that’s not an option

send me more details ingame via mail. I would be interested in picking it up in open space

These newbs and contracts. Hell lets do a 3rd party and go

Is Chribba around anymore to do 3rd party?

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