WTS Hyper Rare Ark Yoiul Festival YC121 Skin - SOLD

I am inclined to make one of these available for the right price. The BEST looking Ark skin in game (and in my opinion the best looking skin out of all JFs), that will never be released again, as it’s part of a dated skin set (YC121), which was made available for less than a month in December 2018. Out of all the skins in the set, the Ark and Minokawa were the most expensive ones and as such the least bought. Very few of these remain un-injected.

Here are some pictures of this marvelous skin:

PM me or post here with your offers.

Bump for the best space trucking skin in game!

Hey there, check your mail

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Highest ingame bid: 70b

Yikes - Dude is about to be scammed if that’s a real offer,

Happy to hold at 50B if anyone backs out :man_shrugging:

Free bump I guess

I’d say I wish I didn’t apply it to my JF alt but it looks too damn good, make sure it sells high :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sold at 80B - Thanks

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I’m glad that with this one, your YC121 collection is complete!

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For anyone else interested, there’s one for sale in Jita for 119bn.

Best of luck

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