WTS Hyperspatial Ragnarok Basgerin

the price is 49b. x3 Capital Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II


30b isk ready

Thats… the worst lowball I have ever seen… and I did many myself :rofl:

40b Offer lmao

getting it started for him


i ll put contract up when I get home

I’ll take it for 46 :slight_smile:

u ll have contract up in ~1h
if anyone wants to take it for 47b in the meanwhile lmk

47 contract to me

im not home yet… the bid will end in 1h, currently 47b bid is biggest, btw the rag has 80+ killmarks if u are into that kind of thing.

Meh 48 then

up on contracts in 10 min

48,5 b

will leave extra 10 mins after every bet so its fair.

still don’t see the contract

1 min


sold for 48.5b you were 1 min late lol

oh well :man_shrugging: