WTS Ragnarok Basgerin - Price Lowered Again

Ragnarok located in Basgerin freeport keepstar.
3x Capital Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II


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Dank bump

Please buy. Willing to trade for Avatar too.

Willing to negotiate, bump.

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Bump up

Bump price lowered.

Bump price lowered again.

taking it for 50B out of your hands

Thank you for the offer, but 50b is too low so I will have to decline.


Price now 58b, get it quick!

Contract to Stellastarr Isil for 58b and I’ll accept.

Contract up Stellastarr Isil, thank you!

Buyer hasn’t accepted contract yet, bumping. Will leave contract up for Stellastarr Isil unless someone else comes along.

Bump again same situation still

Sold now

the sell still keep?