WTS IGC skins / Victory skins

(Mystical Might) #1

3x Apocalypse IGC Victory Skin - 1.2bil ea.
3x Raven IGC Victory Skin - 1.85bil ea.
1x Blood Raider Victory Skin - TBD
1x Machariel Angel’s Hex Skin - 1.25b.

1x Hel Firewatch Breach Skin - TBD
3x Typhoon IGC Victory Skin - 12b each.

All ship skins listed are below Jita value as is. Discussions can take place on the Firewatch and Typhoon skins since they’re of a significantly higher value than the others listed.

Feel free to shoot me a mail in game with queries.

Edit: All prices are subject to change. Market has changed over night, and the Hex skin has been withdrawn. Raven prices have also gone up. Get it while it’s cheap.

(Mystical Might) #2


(Orion Kerensky) #3

PM sent

(Mystical Might) #4

up up up

(Tasman Cabrillo) #5

I will give you 1.8 for the blood raider skin.
sell orders 2.0, buy order 1.7

(Mystical Might) #6

Appreciate the offer, but they’ve already sprung back up to 2.1. Will watch to see how prices settle.


(wild ride) #7

How much for the Hel skin?
And maybe you can make me good offer for Hel and phoon skin.


(system) #8

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