WTS Victory Skins (Large Stock Refresh)

Currently available SKINS

Blood Raider Victory SKIN
Sansha Victory SKIN
Serpentis Victory SKIN
Guristas Victory SKIN
Minmatar Victory SKIN

Ship specific

Apocalypse IGC Victory SKIN
Damavik Triglavian Victory SKIN
Daredevil Serpentis Victory SKIN
Dominix IGC Victory SKIN
Leshak Triglavian Victory SKIN
Raven IGC Victory SKIN
Typhoon IGC Victory SKIN
Vedmak Triglavian Victory SKIN

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How much for the veddy skin?

Curious on your bundle price for the following:
Sansha victory
All 4 IGC victory
All 3 triglavian victory

9B for the vedmak

Hard to give you an accurate price. Typhoon IGC price is hard to pin down. Ill start at 78B for the lot, but let me know where you are at.


Could you do 73. Ill part ways for that.

Thank you, but I will pass

Hey. do you still want to do 70, i thought it over regarding the typhoon cost and I am okay committing to 70.

Apologies, I’ve recommited isk elsewhere. I should have specifically retracted my bid. GLWS

Also, in an effort to not totally back out, what is your best price for the Sansha Victory itself?

Unfortunately it won’t be lower than the price you recently passed on on another thread.

no worries, thank you

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