WTS Victory Skins

Typhoon IGC Victory Skin - 15b
Thunderchild EDENCOM Victory Skin - 9b
Stormbringer EDENCOM Victory Skin - 3.5b
Skybreaker EDENCOM Victory Skin - 1.6b
Raven IGC Victory Skin - 1.9b
Dominix IGC Victory Skin - 500m
Apocalypse IGC Victory Skin - 700m
Leshak Triglavian Victory Skin - 4.5b
Daredevil Seperentis Victory Skin - 1.7b
Damavik Triglavian Victory Skin - 1.6b
Astero Friendship League Skin - 3b
Enforcer SARO ‘Black Trooper’ Skin - 3b
Pacifier SARO ‘Black Trooper’ Skin - 1.5b

Daily bump

3.9Bn for the Thunderchild Victory Skin.

No thanks. Willing to take reasonable offers.

Ok then 4.6Bn for the Thunderchild it is.

@Shaktar apologies, I was AFG a few days. I’ve replied to your in game mail

Still for sale



All skins available again due to timewasters.

Still available

would you be willing to do 4b for the leshak skin? cheers

Apologies for the delay in responding @Where_s_My_Dad .Christmas. 4b is fine with me. Which character and I will set up a contract

cheers, please contract to this character

Still waiting for the contract. Thanks

Contract up @Where_s_My_Dad

Many skins still available

How much for a package deal on all these?
Raven IGC Victory Skin
Leshak Triglavian Victory Skin
Damavik Triglavian Victory Skin
Astero Friendship League Skin
Enforcer SARO ‘Black Trooper’ Skin
Pacifier SARO ‘Black Trooper’ Skin

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