WTS Lolaps/Raiju/AT Skin

2 Skybreaker EDENCOM Victory SKIN 1 B each

2 Garmur Triumphant Elite SKIN 1.5 B each

2 Orthrus Triumphant Elite SKIN 1.8 B each

2 Barghest Triumphant Elite SKIN 2 B each

All in Jita 4/4

PM me in game

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320b for both hulls?

Astrocytoma#3209 on discord

no thx :see_no_evil:

Any package deal counteroffer?

320b + 1 500 000 exoctic dancer (male)

There are only 24000 on market roughly at current. So 330b plus 24000 exotic male dancers, and a ticket to Chip and Dales at its nearest to you venue

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Hope all is well and amazing for you and yours in health as well in spirits
I can offer 6.1B for the Blood Raider Victory skin
♫TY♫ for your time and best to in game mail me

I will offer 7 billion for the BR Victory SKIN
Please contract it to me and ♫TY♫ for your time

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You can contract one of the garmur skins to Ciradae Saechlar. Thanks

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