WTS Ikitursa All-Stars Casino Clash Skin

Ikitursa All-Stars Casino Clash SKIN1Permanent SKIN0.01 m3

Located Jita 4-4
Opening Bid 20Billion

Is this one theyve added to the daily login rewards?

This was a fanfest only item

Yes these have been added to the daily rewards pool

Correction Not a daily reward

they are indeed part of daily rewards as rare skins but are not sellable but directly applied to your character and are a rare chance.

very rare on dailys never seen on many accounts

Lol my guy, it’s 100% in the daily rewards now. It’s ok, your skin is still valuable, but is obtainable if you’re lucky on purple skin day

They are actually part of daily rewards, a corp member of mine redeemed one. Extremely rare though and ones on daily rewards are non-tradeable. So doesn’t devalue what your selling. Also these skins were first introduced to everyone that attended eve vegas in 2019. I’ve only just sold mine.

Yip dailys are not tradeable, guess you can stick it on a low sp alt and trade that character :slight_smile:
This 1 is from fanfest

Adding it to the daily rewards definitely devalues rare skins. I myself have redeemed a few skins worth multiple billions that I would otherwise have purchased. Even this skin would be interesting to buy but knowing it might show up in my daily rewards means I would never pay such a ridiculous price anymore, since theres a chance I could get it for free.

Prior to the change people would have been jumping on a rare skin like this. After the change, who would pay 20b for something you can get for free? Any savvy skin collector will just spend that 20b on a skin that cant be got for free.