WTS Imp & Fiend


Both @ Jita 4-4

open to offers

160b for Fiend

Can offer 80bil for the Imp.

85b for imp

i offer trade caedes +10b to imp

100b imp

Offer stands for the Fiend. 160b. Isk ready now.

Mail sent

2 years later :joy:

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This is Topkek quality

lets revive this 100b for imp

Is this going to be a Meme now? :smiley:

Revenant BPC + 110b for the Imp!!! Highest offer u ever had :frowning:

Imp still available?

If you want to sell the Imp quickly, I can do 10b. Isk ready

post is from 2017. Think hes not in a rush

Oh damn, it’s almost like that was the joke :thinking: