Jita 4-4.

B/o: 550 (Open for offers)

PLEX or assets preferred however ISK is fine.

hydra and isk ?

Value of Hydra you’re willing to sell at and isk?

So ur asking for roughly 600b for imp?

I offer chremoas plus 20b liquid

600bil for it is a stretch. I simply placed a high amount of plex incase plex value tanks. As for the Offer very tempting but i want more iskies :slight_smile:

i can do chrem plus 25

Mail sent

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Bump. Believe the hype

Find a new home for this Ship.

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Up and Up. Received an offer but Buyer backed out.

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Decent offers but still short. To the top.

can give you a caedes in 1:1

can offer my officer fitted Tiamat 1:1 trade


imp+150b for fiend?

There is no fiend for sale n this post

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