Start with 430B. :slight_smile:

The last IMP sold 17 days ago for 500B.

Now that i saved you 70B, i would be glad if you would send me a small tip, if you sell it for much more than 430 :smiley:

Yep :p

he…was…the…one…who… bought… it… sigh.

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haha You know that waht I am

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By the way ,If you can Pay 450B,is yours

oh god, im stupid. So glad i just started using a new no name char in the forums.

@S_sakamoto how comes you are selling it that fast again?

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I need ISK

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cont to how?

your ID?

Legit Salesgirl :ok_hand:

Alikara OK?

No I means Imp in Alikara OK?

Yup. Fine

jita too dangerous


Sounds good :ok_hand:

2 mins


Accepted thanks :heart: