WTS Incursion Scimi Alt

(Reppy McRepface) #1


-Logi V
-Great Name

Skilled to run WTM Incursions as Scimi Pilot

4b bid
7b buyout

(yipcool) #2

Starting you off at 4b :slight_smile:

(Reppy McRepface) #3

24hr from now will accept 4b

(Reppy McRepface) #4

Accepted offline 4.5b offer.

(yipcool) #5

Eveboard is still down, so can’t review character atm to counterbid

(Dorian Greye) #6

Private Offer Sent

(Reppy McRepface) #7

Private offer accepted

(Dorian Greye) #8

Isk and Account info sent

(Reppy McRepface) #9

Transfer started

(system) #10

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