WTB Incursion Char

(Mantor Alland) #1

Looking for an incursion alt.

DPS =Nightmare, Vindi, or Mach - with decent skills / ready to go.
Logi =Basi/Scimi

Will pay extra if can fly both dps+logi. Pref = DPS

no wasted indy stuff - except PI


(Mantor Alland) #2

still looking!

(Mantor Alland) #3

Gotta be something out there!

(Alexander Linton) #4

I am looking for one myself and I have only seen one Incursion toon in the last couple of weeks.

(Mantor Alland) #5

Absolutely - might have to look into spending a bit more and getting something more skilled!

(Mantor Alland) #6

DT Viewing!

(Mantor Alland) #7

isk ready now!

(Mantor Alland) #8


(Mantor Alland) #9

still looking - must be one out there somewhere

(Mantor Alland) #10

still looking

(Ms Cranberry) #11



Make me an offer. Account expires in 19hrs. Looking to sell before that.

(Mantor Alland) #12

PM Sent sorry its late

(Bowman Amouh) #13

you can inject a minimum incursion char for 10b you know

(Carlos Haulty) #14

if you are still looking, I am thinking about selling this toon http://eveboard.com/pilot/Carlos_Haulty (pw:5555) . finished TVPs intemidiate Vindi plan, only 8 skills missing to finish the advanced plan, has the recommended implants http://evepraisal.com/a/ghviq
can fly a bowhead too

if interested could sell advanced vindi and bowhead seperatly

make me an offer

(system) #15

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