Looking for an incursion pilot!

Looking for an incursion alt pilot!

What ship does it have to fly?

I’m a shield Vindicator pilot with good (but not top notch) skills; plus a fun name that gets a shout out every incursion fleet I was on (ran with WTM and TVP).

Take a look and let me know if you’re interested! https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/ImaBaus_Sukarala

Prefer nightmare

What price are you looking for? I’m not really looking for vindi but if the price is right I’ll bite

Hey, I have a toon you might be interested in, can fly NM for incursions. I just need to get back from work to be able to post from that account with its skillboard. Look for another reply in a few hours

From my understanding the going rate is about 1 bill per 1 million SP? I’m at 7.4 million SP but I’d be willing to part with it at 6 bill since the skills aren’t perfect, and then split the transfer fee (1000 plex = about 4.2 bill right now so a split would be 2.1 bill) for a total of 8.1 bill; which we can round down to 8 bill.

If my logic’s off let me know lol; I window shop on the forums a lot but I’ve never traded a character before. i just happened to see your ad and I have this incursion pilot who I haven’t used since I moved into wormholes, so it seemed like a good match :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mind if I ask why you’re looking for a Nightmare? I feel (personal bias incoming lol) that the Vindi is so much more engaging as you have to manually pilot so much more/think ahead of the FC as you position and web future primaries. I feel like incursions would be even more boring in a nightmare XD, unless you want to be the dps soak in a TCRC or something .

Perfect! I am looking for a nightmare pilot specifically :slight_smile:

I like Lazers :stuck_out_tongue: hahahaha I will keep your pilot in consideration after i see this mans Nightmare pilot :slight_smile:

Ahh gotcha! haha to each their own! And no problem; I’m going on vacation tomorrow and I’ll be back next Thursday (just fyi in case you do decide you want this toon). And if you get the nightmare, then happy incursioning!

*forgot to note on my original estimate that I have 250K unallocated SP as well, also thrown in for free!

I mean if you’ll Take it Ill offer 6b now for the vindi pilot. Then i can use the extra funds and just rework him a bit into a nightmare and give it the level 5s in required skills like Power grid management 5. etc :slight_smile:

Hello yes please find the above mentioned nightmare pilot here – I won’t say it has everything but I think it isn’t half bad. I trained it into incursions and had intended to use it for small ship PVP but my priorities shifted a little.



what do youwant for this character :slight_smile:

I would immediately accept 26B. If you accepted I would initiate transfer using PLEX so you may want to keep this in mind if you desire the character immediately.

Of course, we would arrange a separate thread with that character posting there in order to meet CCP’s rules

to be quite honest, hes alot more than im looking for and has some wasted skills with level 4 guns support skills. I was more looking for a toon in the 10m sp range thats more focused.

Ok! No hard feelings.

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If you can meet me in the middle at 7 bill, I’m game to do this tonight! When I get home from work, I’ll check this post out and go from there; I’d need the isk tonight so I can initiate the transfer before I head to out on vacation.

With 6 bill minus the transfer fee I’d only be up 1.8 bill, and I definitely feel he’s worth more than that , even if it’s just another bill. Maybe I’m being sentitmental haha!

I can do 6.5 since i have to extract some skills and put them elsewhere :slight_smile: If that doesnt work for you then Thanks for your interest! I truly appreciate it!

I can offer 22b sik for the character now since i would have to extract some skills and repurpose them. If you cant do that i understand :slight_smile: