WTS 14.9 Mill SP Paladin/Nightmare/Incursion Pilot

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Midnight_Mantis Pass 2468
Still for sale

Can fly Paladin Marauder
Good Gunnery Skills
Decent Drone Skills
Large Energy Turret 5

Still for sale
Located In Jita-4
No Killrights
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
No Jump Clones
1 Remap
Level 3 mission ready, Close to level 4 missions

Starting Bid 9.0 Bill
New B/O 15 Bill

password for skillsheet?

9 b offer

9.5b offer

10b offer

11b offer

12b offer

12.5b offer

the standings are not for factions, maybe can do level 3 missions but oinly of one corp.

I would offer 13 bil but no password to see skills?

@Chamile_Odunen Right there at the end of the URL

  • Update - 13 bil

13.5b offer

14 bil

14.1b offer

14.1 bill offer will be accepted if no outbids in the next one hour

14.2 yeeee

1v1 me at sun, 14.3

System? also 14.4 how long u gonna drive this up Copper

jita, 14.5, until I get it.