WTS 14.9 Mill SP Paladin/Nightmare/Incursion Pilot

Haha how much isk ya got in the bank? 14.6

Enough, why not just let me have it guy? 15b

I want it lol, that’s why. 15.5

Be a friend, buddy, 15.6b

You can be a friend :slight_smile: How much u willing to pay for this cuz I just sold my main and got lots of isk and I ain’t giving this up 16 bil

Lol midnight you started at 9 bil now your at 16

Oh dang, how much’d you get? 17b

Not that much, 17.5 bil

Whats it like being space poor? 17.6b

dunno 18 bil

Actually I do know, I was poor before I sold my main :stuck_out_tongue: offer retracted, 17.7 bil

You want it bad huh? Be my guest.

For 17.7 bil?

Funny thing is I sold my 14 mil SP pilot for 22 bill… train into a carrier guys

It’s on my list, after a rorq :confused:

I was getting 20 mil ticks with and and was like nah nah nah I wanna do amarr ships have a clean kill record and run some incursions then I found this like ooooooooooooh. After I get some Isk I’m gonna station in high-sec close to horde space so I can go down and get some good fights.

Lasers are sexy bro! Enjoy. 07

Yes they are, that’s why I wanted amarr haha… even tho I don’t know the difference between pulse and beam I think pulse is long range? Idk lol, have a good day o7

17.7 bill accepted if you still want, will start transfer after I get off work, paying cash so only 10 hour transfer wait

Yeah I can’t get on TN so I will transfer isk in about 22 hrs, have a nice day