WTS 14.9 Mill SP Paladin/Nightmare/Incursion Pilot

Btw do i have to pay some 1000 plex trading fee?

No I pay transfer fee

So who do I send isk too? And does the person giving the account have to pay the fee?

Send isk to me. I’ll pay for transfer, and send midnight mantis to your personal account.

And I’ll need the account name you want her sent to.
Send that via E-mail for security reasons

Ok how can I contact your email?

Send in game mail to midnight mantis

You want isk sent to midnight mantis too? K got it

Yes isk and account name sent in game to midnight mantis, I’ll take care of the rest

Ok I’ll do that, is it ok if you send me character then I send isk? I about two hours someone is going to send me 22 bil

CCP Rules isk needs to be received first, plus I can’t start transfer until I get home from work in a few hours

Ok Thanks, just wondering. For the transfer fee if I am selling an account do I have to pay it and what is it. Sent you an eve-mail too.

You can’t sell accounts only characters.
Character transfers are 1000 plex or $20

Got it, will send isk tmr… can the person buying the account pay for plex?

I’m leaving soon for a cruise so I won’t be able to pay for a week, are you ok with that? I’m trying to get isk but the guy who owes me 22 bil is on a trip :confused:

Sorry, can’t hold for a week. got to get her sold ASAP.

Ok then go ahead and sell, :slight_smile:

Hi, sent you an eve mail in game.

Confirming offer of 13b as I know a lot of folk don’t check their eve mail often haha

I will accept 13 bill as long as your willing to send isk by 05:00 EST that’s when I’ll be home from work and I’ll start transfer.
I will be paying transfer fee with cash so you will receive character by 3 pm tomorrow.
If your still interested please send isk and account info

ISK and account info sent! Cheers!