WTS Incursion Toon 9.5 Mil SP

(Midnight Mantis) #1

Can fly Vindicator, Nightmare + more!
Also has good Market skills for saving isk on orders.


Standard Implants
Great Name
Located in Amarr
I pay Transfer Fee

Starting Bid: 6 Bil

(Sisa Amatin) #2

5.2 b

(Absolute Truth) #3

5.5b offered

(Sovia Corvinus) #4

6 Bill

(Midnight Mantis) #6

Thanks for the bids! Looking for more before accepting…

(Prometheus StarWalker) #7

Messaged you in game. I’ll give you 6.1b

(Sovia Corvinus) #8

Skills are spread out, will need a lot of work before doing much of anything.
I offer 7 Bill

(Doctor Niubility) #9


(Midnight Mantis) #10

7.5 bil and she’s yours.

and thanks for the free bump Doctor Niubility?

(Sovia Corvinus) #11

7.5 Bill will be home at 01:00 EST to send isk and account info if you accept

(Midnight Mantis) #12

I accept. Send isk and account name when ready.

(Sovia Corvinus) #13

isk and info sent

(Midnight Mantis) #14

ISK and account name received. Contacted CCP about transfer.

Thank you

(system) #15

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