Wts incursion toon 7m sp

(Midnight Mantis) #1

Selling myself. Mainly Incursion Toon (warp to me etc.) can fly Vindicator in 3 days, Nightmare now. Skillsheet link below http://eveboard.com/pilot/Midnight_Mantis password is “password” Standard impants installed. Will pay transfer fee. Starting the Bid at 3 Bil no B/O but will stop in 3 days. Happy Bidding!

(Midnight Mantis) #2

Daily Bump

(Tali'Shepard Vas Normandy) #3

starting with 3b

(Midnight Mantis) #4

Thanks for offer, bidding still open. Looking for more based upon other previous sales.

(Alexander Linton) #5

3.2B Bid.

(Mantor Alland) #6

im interested in an incursion toon, however you lack the skills to fly a vindicator, you have no min/gal BS…
im checking up the actual nightmare skills, but your also missing many cores there too - could you advise if the link is out of date?

(Midnight Mantis) #7

Can confirm can fly nightmare, 3 days from Vindicator. I revised the thread.

(Midnight Mantis) #8

Leaving this open just 1 more day!!! Looking for more bids :slight_smile:

(Paras220 Allier) #9

3.3B bid

(Lux Marquis) #10

3.4 bil

(Paras220 Allier) #11

3.5B bid

(Alexander Linton) #12

3.6B bid.

(Lux Marquis) #13


(Midnight Mantis) #14

Thanks for the bids, currently Lux Marquis is in the lead at 3.7B. Shutting bidding down in 2 hours!

(Alexander Linton) #15

Am I now winning as Lux retracted?

(Midnight Mantis) #16

Yes, Alexander wins with 3.6 B. Please send isk and account name to begin transfer in game.

(Lux Marquis) #17

Sent mail in-game.

(Midnight Mantis) #18

Accepted in game offer from Lux. awaiting isk and account name to begin transfer.

(Lux Marquis) #19

ISK and account info sent. Thank you

(Midnight Mantis) #20

Isk recieved account transfer has begun.