Wts incursion toon 7m sp

Selling myself. Mainly Incursion Toon (warp to me etc.) can fly Vindicator in 3 days, Nightmare now. Skillsheet link below http://eveboard.com/pilot/Midnight_Mantis password is “password” Standard impants installed. Will pay transfer fee. Starting the Bid at 3 Bil no B/O but will stop in 3 days. Happy Bidding!

Daily Bump

starting with 3b

Thanks for offer, bidding still open. Looking for more based upon other previous sales.

3.2B Bid.

im interested in an incursion toon, however you lack the skills to fly a vindicator, you have no min/gal BS…
im checking up the actual nightmare skills, but your also missing many cores there too - could you advise if the link is out of date?

Can confirm can fly nightmare, 3 days from Vindicator. I revised the thread.

Leaving this open just 1 more day!!! Looking for more bids :slight_smile:

3.3B bid

3.4 bil

3.5B bid

3.6B bid.


Thanks for the bids, currently Lux Marquis is in the lead at 3.7B. Shutting bidding down in 2 hours!

Am I now winning as Lux retracted?

Yes, Alexander wins with 3.6 B. Please send isk and account name to begin transfer in game.

Sent mail in-game.

Accepted in game offer from Lux. awaiting isk and account name to begin transfer.

ISK and account info sent. Thank you

Isk recieved account transfer has begun.