SOLD: WTS mostly L5 skilled Incursion Vindicator Pilot

50 mil sp ish, almost all skills related to Incursion Vindicator Level 5, Ascendency Pod, can also fly NIghtmare and Machariel.

starting 35 Bil
Buyout 48 bil
or best offer.

41 bil

42.5 bil

I like the name… So,

43 bil

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Ill give a few more days.

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43 Bil current bid, so it’ll will go to Perpetualed if no other bids in next few days.

45 billion, good until midnight ;=)

EvE midnight today I am assuming?

thats fine, ill set new deadline as that, since i actually only now realize I won’t have time to check this thread next couple of days.

45 bil, char will go to Maizie Fields if no other bids by midnight eve time today, which is in about 7 hours 55 mins.

Sold to Maizie Fields for 45 bil, transfer will commence once ISK received.

Sending ISk and account info now!

ISK received and char transfer started, thanks! and enjoy!

Char Sold: Thread title updated.

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