WTS - 6M SP Incursion Vindicator Pilot (SOLD)

Selling this pilot who has been running HQ incursions with WTM quite safely.

T2 Large Blasters now trained

Syresham Ikkala

Pilot has positive balance and will be left with 50m in wallet at transfer

No Kill Rights
Positive Sec Status
Jump Clone in high sec
Also situated in High Sec

Starting bids from 4.5m B/O 6m

No interest in the character as yet

4b to start u off

If in 24hrs there’s no further bids he’s yours

offer sent

its in your best interest to tell me the offer so i can perhaps up it

Currently offer is at 4.5

Ends midnight evetime


Thanks, was good idea send you the isk and account at the time you say =)

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