[SOLD] 12.6 mil Scimi Incursion Pilot

Hey there,
I’m selling this character - Skills

Focused Scimitar incursion pilot, matches Scimitar skills requirements for TVP. Never banned in any incursion-running channels.

  • Positive wallet & security status
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • NPC Corp and ready for transfer
  • Neural remap available (+1 bonus remap)

Please make your offers

7 bil

offer 7.5bil

7.6 Bil

7,75 b

8bil offered

8.2bil offered

8.5 bil offered

9 bil offered

9.2 Bil

Give up the bid

Summarizing the facts: last active bid is 9.2b.
If it is not retracted or outbid, I’m willing to close the deal by tomorrow (07/31/18) DT.


9.3bil accepted.
Waiting for ISK and account info.

9.4 bil if u accept today,

9.4bil accepted.
Waiting for ISK and account info.

im ready to do deal at 9.3

Since I haven’t received anything from Seddow, 9.3b from Vulgus Carovigra accepted.
Waiting for the money etc.

sending isk and acct info

ISK received, transfer initiated.
Have fun shield boosting things :slight_smile: