Looking for an incursion pilot!

No thanks – I can husk the toon and sell the empty and get the same amount. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Well if you are willing to husk some of it and sell it then We can work something out? maybe if you make it more specialized :slight_smile:

The issue I have with it is that, right now, husking and selling is the same as what you’ve offered. I’m disinclined to lose out on the value of SP that you consider wasted because they apply to frigates, dessies, and cruiser PVP.

If husking and selling were worse than what you had offered, I would be in a different situation.

well if it was a more specialized pilot I would be inlined to pay More :). Lets say if the missile skills and the frigate and destroyer skills and sub battleship gun skills were sucked out?

I had offered that amount since it was about what it would cost to remove those anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to head out to dinner soon, so we can continue this discussion later and I can do some math this evening.

One thing I am concerned with is that unfortunately, there is nothing that will compel you to continue with the sale process if I extract my skills.

Well you can look thru my history of buying characters if that would help alleviate some of your worries. We can work together as well :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean it to sound like a slight against your trustworthiness, but sometimes a better deal comes along and then you don’t have a need anymore. It happens in business all the time and I can’t fault you for making a more efficient decision. It just leaves me very exposed.

Of course! But that would compromise my integrity. :slight_smile: I will wait for @ImaBaus_Sukarala to respond before we continue further :slight_smile:

im trying to stick under 15b isk is the goal so if we can come to an agreement on what to extract we could do business now :slight_smile:

Sorry my friend!! I’m running behind with packing and everything before I go, I’m not going to have time to jump on tonight :frowning: … I’ll check out this post next week when I get back to see if you’re still interested. If not, no worries! I hope you murder many Sansha!!

im free to transfer now if you agree :slight_smile:

I have returned from dinner; if you’re around let’s chat

okay perfect :slight_smile:

I am logged in
we can chat in game :slight_smile:

Okay, be there in a few

Sorry to hijack, but if this toon is still available i’m interested.