WTS Industry toon

Birthday: 2017-01-18
Kill rights: no
Location: will be HS and NPC Corp once the sale is agreed
Security status: positive
Start bid 78b
Duration: 5 days

Can build all the way up to and including Titans


I will buy both toons for 133b

assuming this is yours too WTS Industry toon - #2 by felipehuang_Vyvorant

74B Offer

Please flag your original post when this is resolved and the thread will be re-opened.

As the character is now in an NPC corp, this post has been reopened.

ISD Bahamut


Thank you.

less than 2 days left. If no better offer received character is yours.

Just want to note that my offer of 133 for both toons is currently the highest bid for both

but if you want to do it character by character I bit 79b here

80b offer


If no better offer will be put forward Limited Liability offer will be accepted in 2 hrs.

Sold to you, Sir.

Please send the details and I will begin the transfer.

Isk and account details sent


25 Jul 2023 18:03

Thank you.