WTS - Ishukone Watch Scorpion Skin (Permanent)

Looking for 20B or best offer.

Will consider serious offers. The SKIN is Located in Jita 4-4.

Moving to top. Price reduced.

Still for sale. Offers accepted.

Moving this back to the top.

Still taking offers.

Still taking offers on this very rare SKIN.

Still for sale.

Still for sale

Can’t believe noone is willing to pay this for a very limited skin! Wish I had the isk.

Still for sale. 20b

Still available. 20b or best offer.

20b or best offer.

5b offer

That seems a little low for an older skin with such limited availability. How about 15b?

so you are not adhering to the best offer option that you set yourself, check

Moving back to the top. Serious offers considered.

Will do 12B as soon as the launcher lets me log in after the DDOS. If you’re game.

Sorry I wasn’t able to respond earlier. If this still interested, I can put the Ishukine Watch skin oon private contract for 12b when I get off work today.


Please send me an EVEMail when you are online to accept the contract.