WTS Scorpion Ishukone Watch Skin [SOLD]

Looking to sell a piece of history. There are very, very few uninjected examples of this item remaining. Possibly this is the last one, who knows… :sun_with_face:

Some good information can be found here:

The buyout is 120b.

“Only sales of In-Game items for In-Game ISK are permitted in this forum”, and so anyone wishing to commit the heinous crime of offering trades in PLEX would be advised to contact me in some other way :roll_eyes:

Discord/ingame: Itaer

april fools was months ago. with skinner you be lucky if its worth 2b now

You don’t buy this for aesthetics. You buy it because it’s one of the rarest items in the game. Hope this helps!

if I create a skin and produce it once it’s technically one of the rarest skins in the game!

This is not the last uninjected one :slight_smile:

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Two at least, then :sun_with_face:

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Hey Itaer, your price may be a bit optimistic. I turned down an offer for one a while back that was less optimistic. That being said, prices in Eve often go haywire and I can attest that this is a very rare skin. How much for the Raiju?

I’m an optimistic fellow! But I am always open to negotiation…

As for the Raiju, probably best you reach out to me on discord :sunflower:

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With assets like that I don’t blame you :slight_smile: Will do, thank you.

That I know besides yours, there is one owned by The Terrorist and mine. Idk if anyone else has one, but if there are more, then it must be definitely less than 10. CCP said something about that if I remember correctly.

This is still for sale.

This is still for sale.

What’s the real price?

If you have an offer, feel free to post here or message me on discord.

The item has been sold - thank you all for your bids.

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