Scorpion Ishukone Watch SKIN

Originally received as a Scorpion Ishukone Watch ship for participation in the Fanfest 2013 PVP tournament, the special edition ship had a 4/8/6 loadout instead of the standard 5/8/5.

When the Scorpion was rebalanced (2015?) the special edition version was not, which left it as an inferior vessel, and CCP converted it into a normal Scorpion + a special paintjob in the form of a SKIN.

One was originally given to Jack DuVal. Approximately 75 were given to tournament participants at Fanfest, and a number were given to Somer Blink staff (which caused much upset at the time)

In the leaked mail at the time, Somer mentioned not flooding the market with “30 all at the same time”, so the estimate is that probably less than 110 of these ever existed in game. Some of the original ships were destroyed before they could be converted into SKINs. So I would guess around 100 in existence, at the end of 2015 (many now unobtainable due to inactivity)

Not specifically interested in selling, but as the rarest item I own, I’m curious what I could get from a collector if I really wanted to.

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