Edit: Sold to a private offer.

An ugly skin for a ship nobody uses, this one is for the collectors.

Originally received as a Scorpion Ishukone Watch ship for participation in the Fanfest 2013 PVP tournament, the special edition ship had a 4/8/6 loadout instead of the standard 5/8/5.

When the Scorpion was rebalanced (2015?) the special edition version was not which left it as an inferior vessel and eventually CCP converted it into a standard Scorpion and a special paintjob in the form of a SKIN.

The best guess is that only 132 of these ever existed on TQ[1], they were given out as prizes and caused a scandal when they were given to SOMER Blink staff. I don’t believe any were handed out after that.

Starting bid 20b

  1. Announcement regarding rewards and prizes to fansites and third-party contributors - EVE General Discussion - EVE Online Forums

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