WTS JF character with cool name

I have a very cool name and am for sale.

-postitive sec status
-positive wallet balance
-NPC corp
-2 remaps

9.7mil SP almost perfect JF pilot

Looking for 10bil +

Any remaps? What is the attribute distribution?

2 remaps and all 20 except charisma

3b offer

5b offer

5.5b offer

6b offer

ty for bump but looking for a bit more

6.5b is fair :sweat_smile: let’s do it

7b offer

7.5b offer

8b offer

8.5 b offer

9b offer

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ill take that unless anyone has a counter

9.5b 0/ give me give me

ill give it 24hours and if they dont reply its yours

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10b isk ready

ty, @Now_u_see care to go over or does @Bruceda got it?

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Oh thank you :heart: i think Brucda won it :whale2: