WTS Jove body parts from event years ago [SOLD]


Wondering if any collectors would be interested in a full set of the jove body parts from the event years ago:

Epidermis Sliver
Bone Splinter
Blood Drop
Liver Bile
Cerebral Slice
Complex fullerene shard

All located together in Jita

Let me know if you are interested (or not!) - no idea of the value so make an offer - if mutually agreeable we can do a deal.

Just to stress they are not usable for anything in game (that I am aware of) purely collectibles.

What the heck kind of event was it?! :dizzy_face:

From memory a Jove ambassador had a bit of a mishap and got blown up and spread across the universe!

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Hi Grimaxemorpher

Really sorry, I missed this reply, items already sold.


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