[WTB] Oddities! (aka "useless junk") - Updated List

Hello Capsuleer!

I’m a collector of odd things and right now i’m actively looking for the following (though I’m very much willing to buy things that are not on the list as well):

-1xPax e Kilizhi Do
-2xCSM 11 Electee Archive Script
-1xVintage Frigate Blueprints
-2x300 Aurum Token
-2xRaelek’s Tag
-2xLazarus’s Tag
-2xImai Kenon’s Tag
-2xGotan Kreiss Tag
-2xFaramon’s Tag
-2xDomination Electrum Tag
-2xDark Blood Electrum Tag
-1xPax Amarria Signed Copy
-1xCross of the Sacred Throne Order
-2xOrbital Hybrid S
-2xBlood Drop
-2xCerebral Slice
-2xEpidermis Sliver
-2xLiver Bile
-1xComplex Fullerene Shard
-2xA Really REALLY Clueless Tourist
-2x Hellhound Drones
-Obelisk Quafe Skin
-Mobile Factory Operations Skill Book
-New Eden Source
-Other oddities you may have

I have active bids in Jita for the items that can be found on the market, but I’m always open to exploring different locations/prices.

Please send me an evemail if you have inquiries or comments!

Fly safe! o7

Updated the list!
Please continue to contact me if you have any of the above =)

Fly safe!

Bump McBumpFace, updated items and quantities

Updated the list =)

Thank you all, fly safe!

List updated!
Have a great rest of the week!


Come on guys, check your inventories for one of those Obelisk Quafe skins, I have a Christmas gift to make =)

List Updated!

Just updated the list! If you have stuff that is not on the list, please contact me as I might be interested in what you have even if it’s not listed!

Still looking for collectibles!!

Still looking for your oddities and seemingly useless junk!

Still looking!