WTS Purple Junk

I’ve a few officer mods laying around in Jita, hit me up with reasonable offers and you might become the new owner of some shiny mods!

How much for the Mizuro’s TE by chance?

PM send

how much for zorya´´s emtrpic radiation skink ?

PM in game send

These beauties are still looking for a new home!

Mail sent


How much for cormack bomb?

PM send

Have a price for the Raysere’s and Tairel’s?

PM send :slight_smile:

How much for EM Vepas ?

PM send

Prices on;

Mizuro’s Modified Tracking Enhancer
Vepas’ Modified EM Ward Amplifier
Vepas’ Modified Thermal Dissipation Amplifier

please :slight_smile:

You also have a PM in game.

traveling irl and forgot about those, still avail?

Yes they are still available.

Mail me an offer on each of the smartbombs, please.

I put up a contract for each of them to you, since I’m going on holiday for 2.5 weeks and won’t be able to respond anymore after this. If you like it accept them if you don’t, decline them. Cheers