WTS Komodo in T5Z 500 bil

Currently taking offers on a Komodo in T5Z. No firm price as of yet. Buyout is 9 Trillion because grr industry changes

15t offer

I can do 15 if it’s all in exotic dancers. If it’s just isk it will have to be 16.5

Can put a donut holder on top

Will trade for 2 titans & Super current worth nearly 1 tril! :smiley:

:smiley: thanks but I’ll pass on that one. Still open to the exotic dancers btw

You can accept my kidney and my house and my exotic dancer of a wife plus a jackdaw on top? /s

this is still for sale btw

Still selling, open to reasonable offers

This is still up for sale, send offers

apologies for double post, but the price has changed

Still selling. Get your overpriced Leviathan today

This is for sale again. 500 bil. I hired it to clean my pool but it keeps smiling at my wife. Not sure why she is smiling back, it’s probably nothing

@ISD please close. This has sold

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